Apple Mac

In 2017 I started using a MacBook Pro, having not used a Mac since 1995 when I was last doing development work on the platform. Needless to say it took some adjusting and getting used to, so this is what I learnt and some helpful, hopefully, notes.

Hints & Tips

Show Hidden Files: in an Open/Save Dialog or in Finder press Cmd+Shift+Period to display hidden files and directories
Print Screen: press Cmd+Shift+3 to get your screen saved as a PNG on the Desktop
Print Part Screen: press Cmd+Shift+4, you then get a cross-hair to select the part you want, or press space when the cross-hair shows to get a camera so you can select a Window. See How to take a screenshot on your Mac - Apple Support for more details and options
Delete: a Mac has the Backspace key but not Delete like Windows, press Fn+Backspace to get a Delete
Do Not Disturb: in System Preferences -> Notifications you can turn on Do Not Disturb "When mirroring to TV's and projectors", a handy option but possibly on by default


See Apple security updates - Apple Support for details about security updates


If you go to "Apple Menu" -> "About This Mac" -> "System Report" -> "Hardware" -> "Power" -> "Health Information" you will see a "Cycle Count" and "Condition", all being well the condition will be "Normal".