Just by way of information, of little relevance really, I have owned the following Volvo's:

  • 440 Si, 1.8 Petrol (1994)
  • V70 AWD, 2.5 Petrol (1998)
  • S40 XS, 1.6 Petrol, Silver (1999)
  • V70R, 2.4 Petrol, Flash Green (2004)
  • XC70SE D5, 2.5 Diesel (2003)
  • C30 R-Design, 2.0 Petrol, Ice White (2013)
They have all been great cars in their own way. The V70 AWD was a much better car than I realised when I bought it, she did just over 202,000 miles in the end, not bad for a petrol. However my favourite was the V70R, fantastic colour and amazing performance!


I have had one minor issue with my C30 and that was getting it to pair via Bluetooth with a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini running Android 4.1.2. It would connect, establish a connection and then try to get the connection sorted but the audio system would keep cutting out. In the end I found the trick was to turn off the "Audio Connection" on the phone. This means the car is quite happy with the phone for calls etc but I cannot send music to the car from the phone via Bluetooth, which is no loss for me!

Update: all of the above was on 09.11_R of the Bluetooth module. When I had this updated to 09.14_R the music issue went away. It is also worth noting that 09.11_R is not compatible with the Windows Phone 8 Black update, aka GDR3, however 09.14_R also fixes this.